Who’s writing?

I was born and raised in Costa Rica, but I lived in North West Arkansas while I pursued my degree in International Business and a minor in Music. I am now back in Costa Rica, married, and with a lovely daughter. Building a career is important to me, however, I want to be rich in memories, not money. That’s why I decided that my life motto to be:

“Live by the ABC’s. Adventurous. Brave. Creative.”

Why do I write a blog? I’m not really sure why…
I have recently been challenged by my creativity. I love consuming all of the great content that is out there; whether it’s movies, books, music, etc. However, when was the last time I attempted to write something that was not for a class grade? Why do I spend so much time learning how to play new songs, but spend no time composing?

I want to challenge my creative initiative. I want to do more and work harder so I can look back and be happy about what I’ve created. I have a story to tell and I want to become better at telling it. I

THIS IS NOT A JOURNAL! I have to be cautious of this and remind myself that that’s not the purpose of a blog. With that said, I want to become a better story teller and that’s why I’m writing this blog.

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